Pinterest: The Secret to Mother’s Day Sales

© rockvillephoto - Fotolia.comThese days, Pinterest is crucial to marketing success. Not only is it retaining and engaging users twice as efficiently as Twitter was at a similar time in its history, over 80% of pins are repins, demonstrating tremendous virality at work. In contrast, under 2% of tweets are retweets. Pinterest users are engaged shoppers. According to research from eMarketer, 47% of female Pinterest users report using recommendations from the network to make a purchase. When Pinterest users buy, they purchase more items and spend more per session.  In this article, we’re going to show you Pinterest strategies that will make your Mom proud.

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Responsive Design and Mobile Marketing

© Spaulding - Fotolia.comMobile marketing is a hot issue, given the enormous breadth of smartphone usage, and many companies have taken the step to develop mobile-friendly websites to help customers find the information that they want quickly while on a mobile device. There are currently two prevailing schools of thought on the issue. Some marketers argue that it’s crucial to have a separate site for your mobile customers on a subdomain of your primary site, known as an “m-dot” site due to the naming convention of having the mobile site located at The other school of thought uses responsive design (also known as adaptive design) to build a mobile website. In this article, we’ll help keep you mobile and adaptive with responsive design.

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Social Media Strategies for Valentine’s Day

© johnny-ka - Fotolia.comLove is in the air, and social media is abuzz with honeys wishing each other a Happy Valentine’s Day. But more than that, consumers will spend $15 billion this year on Valentine’s Day related products and services. It’s easy to cash in on the contagious buzz that spreads around during Valentine’s Day if you have a product or service that’s useful to V-Day shoppers: online gifts, bakeries, flower shops, chocolate brands, films and TV shows, restaurants or bars, toys and games, apparel, greeting cards, art or music, e-cards, jewelry or watch brands, electronics, and many others. Your brand can be a part of that conversation with an appropriate social media strategy. You’ll fall in love with the idea of increasing sales during the most social holiday, Valentine’s Day.

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Develop a Conversion Rate Optimization Strategy for 2014

Image Source: © OutStyle - Fotolia.comIt’s a new year and a lot has changed in the way people interact with websites and companies online since this time last year.

In the U.S. alone, over four million people will turn 18 this year and begin to start forming real relationships with brands, products, and services. The growth of tablet devices has been steep, and smartphone access continues to grow. New Web technologies, like HTML5, became standardized and old technologies, like Flash, became deprecated. As a result, the way people interact with your website needs to be reanalyzed and rethought. This year, make a resolution to improve your conversion rate on your sales funnel.

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10 Free Resources for Online Marketing News and Education

MarketingOnline marketing strategies are constantly changing. Free resources make it easy to keep up with the latest developments in the online marketing world. In this industry, it is imperative to continually seek educational opportunities to remain fresh and relevant.

Check out these 10 free resources for the latest online marketing news and education (in no particular order).

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