How It Works
Professional SEO services 
to help increase your
online visibility.
We use Ballantine Digital for professional link building and they've been a great partner for us. Their services are responsive, strategic and we've seen solid improvements in our rankings.
Colin McGee


Step 1

Keyword Research & Optimization

We help you choose the most advantageous keywords for your business that meet specific criteria focused on search volume, competition level, and commercial intent.  This is a critical step in our SEO services, because the right keywords drive buyers to your site and separate you from the competition.

We then make sure your website is optimized for them, including your content and meta tags.  We typically optimize your site’s homepage and 2 critical inner pages. That being said, we do plenty of custom engagements!


Step 2

Blogging & Content Creation

It’s important to establish authoritative, professional content on your site to help build repeat and supplementary traffic.  But content creation is time-consuming.  Leave it to us!  Simply give us approved topics to work with, and we do the rest.  Once original content has been posted to your website, we promote it using social bookmarking and online PR services to help drive even more traffic to your site.


Step 3

Strategic Link Building

Link building means linking other websites to your own — and it’s critical.  The search engines view it as a vote for your website, so it increases your ranking.  The key, however, is getting relevant, quality links.

Ballantine Digital takes a unique, professional approach to link building.  We have created our own proprietary link strategy document.  No other SEO services firm has it.  Our linking process is completely manual, so you can rest assured that you have an SEO expert personally working for you.  No automation.  No canned backlink program.


Step 4

Traffic Analytics & Rank Tracking

As a Ballantine Digital SEO client, you are given access to your own portal where you can track ranking and traffic stats any time you like.  Our web-based SEO portal hooks into Google Analytics and preps professional reports for you automatically.  The portal also tracks your keyword rankings over time to give you a clear picture of the overall effectiveness of your website.

Our professional SEO services can help you increase your website traffic and online visibility. We’re located in Wayne, NJ but we work with companies nationwide including New Jersey, NYC and New York. Please contact us today for more information.

Top 3 Benefits to Partnering with Ballantine Digital

Full-Service SEO

We handle all the search engine optimization details so you don’t have to. We are the experts at increasing SEO rankings and boosting online visibility, and are on top of the latest trends.

Higher Rankings

If your website is buried in search results, it’s invisible to your potential customers. You want to move to the front of the line with an optimized website that ranks at the top for your targeted keywords.

More Targeted Traffic 

“Targeted traffic” are the website visitors that turn into buying customers more often. We help drive the most viable leads to your website which in turn helps take your business to the next level.